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Test & Inspection Services -
    Properly maintained cranes are essential for safe and economical operation. A thorough, regularly scheduled inspection and test program can identify potential problems before they cause injuries or downtime. Early discovered problems are less expensive to repair than if they are left to develop into major problems or failures.

IPS can assist you by performing a thorough test and inspection of your crane from tip of the boom down through to the trucks/tracks. We will determine what parts are needed for repair, the cost, and completely manage the repair of your crane. IPS Worldwide test and inspection is performed on location by an experienced certified technician supported by a professional team of engineers and equipment specialists.

Upgrade & Rebuild Services -
       IPS offers your company quality parts, boom repair, updated special design and engineering at low prices that allow you to modernize and extend the life of your crane. Our rebuild upgrades increase equipment performance and service life, improve operator safety and ergonomics. There is a 50% savings when rebuilding vs purchasing new.
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Custom Modifications - IPS can modify your equipment to accept ancillary devices such as magnets, grapples, and pile driving systems. Make your equipment safer with our patent pending folding stairway. Improve crane performance with a gantry installation.
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Job Site Repairs -   IPS technicians are available to come on site and perform diagnostic trouble shooting and repair services for a variety of cranes. In an emergency, these technicians can often be on site within 24 hours.

On-site Service Support -    IPS technicians can be on site during major projects keeping a close eye on the equipment. In the event of equipment failure, they can often quickly diagnose and repair the problem, minimizing costly downtime.

Phone Service Support -   IPS offers phone support to mechanics and operators in the field to help them more quickly identify and resolve problems. We can also help by sending out schematics and parts breakdowns to help mechanics better understand the system they are working on.

Training On- and Off-Site -   IPS conduct hands-on classes at our Duluth MN, facility. Classes cover a wide range of topics including basic operation, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems on the crane. IPS technicians also go into the field to conduct training using the customers own equipment to give operators and mechanics a better understanding of their machine.


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